Best G spot sex positions

Best G spot sex positions


  To add a new level of fun, you can use the G-spot vibrator. These G-spot stimulators have a special C-shape so they hit the right spot with the right amount of pressure. Not only are fingers and sex toys great for stimulation, penises are also effective! However, the degree of stimulation of the G-spot during intercourse depends on the location. Here are four locations that help stimulate the G-spot:

  Girl on top

  Arguably one of the best sex positions to stimulate the G-spot is with the girl on top! For optimal stimulation, don't move the pelvis up and down, but back and forth. As a woman, you have complete control over the angle, intensity, depth and rhythm.

  For the best angle, lean back a little so the penis is guaranteed to hit the G-spot. It's also helpful if the man supports himself so you don't slide back and forth and lose motivation to move. Try not to move too far back or forward or the penis will slide out!

  Rocking horse or rocking chair

  In this position, known as a rocking horse or rocking chair, your partner sits on the edge of the bed or in a chair. Then you sit on their lap and wrap your leg around him. He can perform short but strong thrusts, or you can move her pelvis back and forth like in Girl on Top. Try leaning back a little or turning around to change the angle.

  For flexible people, you can lean back until your hands touch the ground!

  Missionary position

  In missionaries, in order for the penis to hit the correct area exactly, you have to change the positioning slightly. Try adding some cushions under your pelvis to get the right angel. Then, have your partner kneel upright between your legs for a deeper penetration. Depending on your own needs, you can lean back slightly to make the angle steeper. Extend your legs further for deeper penetration or bring them closer together for added friction.

  Doggystyle and "Pronebone"

  In almost all sex position guides, doggystyle or "from behind" is referred to as the perfect G-spot position. However, this is a bit confusing because when in dog pose, the penis actually hits the opposite side of where the G-spot is. So, if your partner doesn't have a downward-curved penis, it probably won't work. There's nothing against doggystyle, but for this particular purpose it has no particular applicability.

  "Proneboneing," however, is a doggy-style variation where you lie flat on your stomach with your legs nearly folded. Your partner is lying on top of you with their legs on the outside of you, penetrating you from behind. Because your partner is lying on top of you, the G-spot can be under a lot of stress, and it can feel very close and intense.

  Whether you like to use your fingers, toys, or sex, finding your G-spot will take some time, but with the tips and tricks in this article, you'll get the hang of it in no time!

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