Best female sex toys


  There are many types of sex toys. Which female sex toys do you prefer, from dildos to bunny vibrators? How would you choose? If you're looking for an exciting collectible or buying your first sex toy, choosing the perfect sex toy can be a daunting task.

  From cute bunny vibrators to app-controlled vibrators, these toys will give your vulva fun, whether in solo or couple play. Whether you want a powerful toy, or a cute one. We've rounded up the best sex toys for women here to help you make your choice.

  1. Best Female Sex Toys for Beginners

  Sexy Mini G-spot wireless vibrator

  Small but powerful, this bullet vibe is a great first female sex toy.

  360° full body waterproof design, like the smooth skin of a dolphin. In addition to being easy to clean, it creates unlimited creative space for sex, and it can be a pleasure maker, whether it's passion in the pool or tub. Perfect for solo and couple play, this small female toy may be the best way to start your collection.

  Customer Review: "If, like me, you've been living under a rock and completely new to masturbation...then this is the perfect toy to start your pleasure kit."

  2. Best Female Toys for Mixed Fun

  Rabbit Vibrator masturbator toys

  Rabbit Vibrator masturbator toys are for you if you like pleasing dual simulations.

  Made from soft silicone, the curved shaft stimulates your G-spot, while the thick, flexible ears stimulate your clitoris for all day (and night) mixing fun.

  What customers say: "Intense mixed orgasms every time."

  3. Best Female Sex Toys for Clit Stimulation

  Finger Set Vibrating Masturbator

  Sometimes a little clitoral attention is the only way to get to a big "O" - Enter Finger Set Vibrating Masturbator

  This stylish stimulator is one of the best female sex toys for clitoral stimulation. Get ready for exciting sucks and gentle pulsations that will push you to the limit.

  Customer Review: "Oh my gosh, this is the most powerful orgasm of my life! I'm literally shaking!"

  4. Best toys for anal sex

  Purple Love Anal Plug in Small

  Perfect for beginner butt plug users of any gender, this training set from Purple Love Anal Plug in Small is perfect for some exciting anal exploration.

  The vibrating butt plug adds some nice vibration to your playing. Remember to use plenty of anal lube to keep everything comfortable.

  What customers say: "This kit does the job perfectly. Small is easy, medium is a nice upgrade, and the largest (which I currently use) is perfect.

  5. Best sex toys for girls on the go

  G-spot clitoral stimulator

  With 9 vibration modes and 3 different intensities, you can enjoy all kinds of fun according to your liking! Small and discreet, it's the perfect travel companion

  Just tuck into the inside of your panties, making sure it's pressed against your clitoris. For best stimulation, slide the curved underside between your lips. Then place the super strong magnet on the outside of your panties. Use your panties to hold the vibrator securely in place while you go about your business.

  What customers say: "It's small and exquisite, it's easy to carry, keeps clean when stored, looks very refined and beautiful, and obviously feels great!"

  6. The best female toys to treat yourself to

  Dual shock G-spot rabbit vibrator

  It's a bunny vibrator that promises waves of pleasure (get it?).

  Sit back and enjoy the elegant and ergonomic design for your clitoris and G-spot, not to mention eight pleasure settings for a tailored arousal every time.

  Customer Review: "The most delicious vibe I've ever bought"

  7. Best for realism

  8 Inch realistic dildo

  When it came to dildos, the lifelike lover was one of our favorite female toys when only the real thing was available.

  Designed to look and feel like a real penis, this realistic dildo features an 8" textured shaft for exciting realistic stimulation.

  What customers say: "The lifelike head gives a huge feel when inserted, but then it glides easily for amazing fun."

  8. Best Female Sex Toys for Couples

  Rechargeable clitoral fun vibrating egg

  Just because your partner isn't there, doesn't mean you have to go it alone.

  The Rechargeable clitoral fun vibrating egg is ideal for long distance lovers, giving one partner the opportunity to control the fun through a paired app. Whether your partner is on the other side of the world or in another room, this vibe is perfect for adding some spice to your couples game.

  What customers say: "I have a high libido and I use it when my partner and I are away! He can please me from anywhere in the world!"

  9. Best Female Sex Toys With Good Vibration

  Premium vibrator black

  We couldn't make a list of the best sex toys for women, let alone the iconic magic wand.

  If you know what we mean, this toy features eight powerful vibration settings that will help you take your personal massage to the next level.

  Customer Review: "My girlfriend and I reached new heights of heaven once we started incorporating it into our sex life!"

  10. Best Female Toys

  Massager Vibrators Sex Toys

  Last but not least, this vibrator is an excellent all-in-one toy for women. G-spot vibrator, stimulator female dildo.

  What Clients Say: "This is amazing. Definitely a speed for everyone. Orgasm guaranteed!"

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