Best car sex positions


  Exploring your sexuality is something that many people are involved in. Sexual positions and scenery can significantly affect how much you enjoy them.

  While it's comfortable to have sex in bed or on the couch, it doesn't always need to be in bed. There are many different places to have sex. Having sex in the car is one of the most adventurous places to have sex.

  Sex in the car is not as easy as in bed, so you may need some car sex positions to make your adventure a little more comfortable. That's why in this article, we take a look at the best car sex positions.

  We also explore the legality of car sex and whether you could go to jail if you are caught having sex in a car.

  Let's dive into the water.

  Part 1. Is it illegal to have sex in a car?

  If you've ever thought about having sex in a car, I'm sure you've asked yourself, "Is it illegal to have sex in a car?". This is a valid question. It's always about ensuring the legitimacy of what you're interested in doing.

  There is no law that makes in-vehicle sex illegal. If you and your partner get in a car to have sex, there is no law that says you shouldn't do it.

  However, it can cause problems if you park your car in a public place where people can see you. Although it's not illegal to have sex in a car, it is illegal to be naked in public. Most states have laws against indecent exposure, which means you could be arrested if you have sex in a car in a public place.

  If you have car sex fantasies, it is best to make sure you are in a very secluded place, or in a garage where you may not be seen.

  Part 2. Best car sex positions

  Although indecent exposure is illegal, you may still want to get involved in the car sex craze. This is completely understandable. After trying out some of the best car sex positions, having sex on the bed at home can seem boring.

  But what positions are suitable for sex in the car? do not worry. In this article, I'll introduce you to some of the most comfortable in-car sex positions.

  1. Car Girl

  Car Girl's position is much like Cowgirl. This is one of the best car sex positions because so little space is required. The angle of the penis is perfect for internal stimulation, and clitoral stimulation can also occur when you rub against your partner.

  With your partner in the passenger seat, you can also try the driver's seat, but the steering can be a little uncomfortable. Climb onto him and move your hips. You can also recline the seat for more comfort.

  2. Backseat puppy

  There are many sex positions you can try. Puppies are probably my favorite place to have sex in the car. When you have a Backseat Doggy, you get easy access to your clit and you get deeper penetration from behind.

  Get into the back seat of the car and get into dog position, knees and hands. Have your partner maintain an upright position on the knee behind you. If your partner is tall, he may need to drape himself over you.

  3. Spider

  Spider is a car sex position that may take some practice to perfect. It helps you get deep penetration while gazing at your partner's fiery body.

  This post might be hardcore for some, but it's worth a shot. Both you and your partner should sit in the back seat with your legs together.

  Put your arms behind you to support yourself. Once ready, you can move on to his penis. Your hips should be between his open legs. Bend your knees, place your feet on the outside of his hips, and move back and forth until you orgasm.

  4. Reversing girl

  The posture of the reversing girl is almost identical to the posture of the car girl we discussed earlier.

  The concept is the same, your partner is in the front seat and you are on top of him. However, instead of confronting your partner, you turned your back on him.

  The reverse girl in the car is great because you can easily prop yourself up with the dashboard or steering wheel in the front seat. This location is perfect for a quick car sex session.

  5. Shells

  Seashells are a fantastic car sex position. It can be used on low or high rides to stimulate different areas. Riding high will make his pubic bone stimulate your clitoris, and riding low will help him stimulate your G-spot.

  While this position may sound complicated, it's relatively easy. Lift your legs and pull them toward your shoulders and head. Try to get as close as possible. Your partner puts himself in the missionary position and inserts his penis inside you.

  6. New Missionaries

  Missionary pose is one of the most common sexual positions. Still, I'm sure you're wondering if this is a proper car sex position?

  But this new missionary position may be one of the best car sex positions you can get your hands on. This sex position probably works best if you lay the back seat flat. You lie on your back with your partner on top of you. Then you go on like a missionary in bed.

  7. The puppy lying down

  The Lay-Down Doggy is a great sex position for a car, but it can be uncomfortable if not done properly.

  Make sure to push the driver and passenger seats as far as possible. So, you have more room to maneuver and you can also fold the back seat flat.

  Lie on your side and your partner lies behind you. You can then easily enter the vagina to insert the penis. Make sure your partner is close to you.

  8. Buzz

  Om is a lot like Cowgirl, except for a few key differences. Another car girl option requires your partner's legs to be in the normal position.

  When engaging in Om Pose, your partner should sit with their legs crossed. This facilitates deep penetration where a slight bounce is required, which means hitting the head is less likely.

  Move the front seats as far as possible to the front of the car, then to the rear seats. Ask your partner to sit in the back seat with his legs crossed, place his legs on either side of his hips, and get into a resting crouch on him. You are basically sitting on his cock. While sitting, insert his penis or strap-on dildo into your vagina and start grinding.

  9. Rear Seat Bender

  When talking about car sex, we can't forget oral car sex positions. This blowjob position is very comfortable and gives you the ultimate backseat fun. So how does this car sex position work, you say?

  Fold one of the front seats forward and quickly place our legs on the rear seat with our partner sandwiched between them. Your partner in the back seat can easily give you the spoken word, and you can rest in a comfortable and relaxing position. You can also free up your hands to help stimulate when your partner is busy.

  10. Open Door Missionaries

  Missionaries with open doors sound simple. Your partner is standing by the open door, preferably the one doing the penetration work.

  The partners in the car lay on their backs, dragging their feet with their butts until they were in a comfortable insertion position. The partner outside the car then starts inserting the penis/dildo into the partner in the car.

  When outside the car, there is plenty of room for thrust. It's also a comfortable position for those in the car. There will be plenty of room to move around in the car.

  After mentioning some of the best car sex positions above, I'm sure you're in the mood to test some of them. You're not in a busy public place when you test these, or if you get caught, you might end up in jail testing out these best car sex positions.

  Wrap up

  While there is no written law that sex in a car is illegal, we don't want you to be punished with heinous fines for indecent exposure. So make sure that wherever you have sex in your car, it's hidden or in the garage of your home.

  We hope you find some of the best car sex positions as pleasing as I make them sound. I know I love them, tried them, tested them, you name it.

  Do you know any car sex positions that work for you?

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