Best Bundled Sex Positions and Ideas

Best Bundled Sex Positions and Ideas


      Sexual life is a fusion of men and women. If the sex position should be changed to a sex position, it can bring better feelings to both men and women. Sexual position refers to the position of the partner during sexual intercourse. In theory, there should be countless sex positions, but in fact, most of the different positions are derived from about six or seven basic positions. Some people think that only male sexual posture is the only normal and acceptable posture for sexual intercourse. Others claim that there should be many different sexual postures, and unless they can be proficient in all sexual postures, it is not enough to be called Is a qualified sex partner.

  This type of rumors further point out that the more difficult the sexual posture, the higher the level of sexual satisfaction. These are false rumors, no posture has a special effect, and the ability to make love should be determined by the satisfaction the partner feels, not by how much a person knows about sex changes.

  Now, let's take a look at the good things!

  1. a missionary

  This old but good thing can be easily converted into a belt position. When you and your partner are just starting out and are still used to the whole bundling idea, this may be the second best attempt. The classic missionary posture is intimate. When trying any new form of sexual antics, it is essential to be able to see your partner's facial expressions and reactions.

  The missionary style works by having the receiving partner lie on their backs and spread their legs so that you can put yourself between them. If things become "very happy", your partner can wrap your legs around your lower back and encourage you to use their ankles to speed up the pace. It is for this reason that this is a classic sex position, and it is always cute to be able to kiss everything that is exposed in front of you.

  2.Small dog style

  For novices, this may be the most straightforward strap-on sex position, although we might not recommend it in your first game. Mechanically speaking, your partner can easily push their hips up and determine the best position to insert while supporting themselves on the bed. Then you grab their hips and slowly guide the dildo in.

  This style is amazing and can be extended. In theory, you can bend your partner to any position you want. On the table, on the table... the possibilities are endless, they are delicious! Depending on your relative height, you may be able to get them to stand up, provided that you both have a wall to lean against. If you want to penetrate someone taller than you, we recommend that you wear some sexy platform heels to provide you with the extra power you need to successfully execute the dog style.

  For those who use dildos strapped to straps, we recommend turning the toy 180 degrees so that it bends slightly downwards. In this position, no matter what gender your partner is, you will definitely enter some pleasant sexy areas with a slightly drooping penis. Due to deeper penetration, you and your partner will soon groan.

  3. Spoon

  Spooning is a common phrase used in non-sexual settings, but it's easy to understand why it might quickly lead to something less innocent. It involves letting the recipient lie on his side, with his back to the partner. Give the partner a leg to lift the small spoon and slide it in from behind. This allows you to maintain a very close relationship with your partner throughout the process and stay close together.

  If the recipient wants to get a little stimulus in front, your hand is also free to reach for it. If you want, you can even use complementary adult sex toys, such as a vibrator, to enhance the moment. When scooping with a spoon, if you keep it slow and deep, this can cause some very fast orgasms.

  4. Noodle spoon

  Similar to the spoon, if a frame of reference is needed, this position can also be called an associate missionary. The two sides face each other, completely pressed together. The receiver raises the top leg, allowing the giver to enter any hole they want. Fun tip: If you want to press tighter, you can wrap your partner's upper leg around your lower back. If they wrap your legs around you, you will not be able to do any long skiing, but it will be very deep, passionate and joyful!

  5. Cowgirl/Cowboy

  A cowgirl or a cowboy, depending on the situation, is a good way to relieve a partner who is a little hesitant about the whole idea of ​​bundling. In this position, the penetrator does not actually control the movement, but plays a slightly submissive role. The person wearing the straps lay on the bed, and the receiver climbed onto it and straddled their buttocks.

  Your partner will let herself relax on the dildo, taking it slowly at the pace they need. If your partner is sensitive or a little worried, giving them a rein may greatly ease their worries. They will control the depth of their use of the dildo, the speed of movement, and you just need to grab their loot and stick to it.

  6. Reverse Cowgirl/Cowboy

  Simply spin that horse for more fun! This is similar to the position described above, except that the receiver does not face the giver. People prefer this position when gift givers want to see their partner’s spoils very clearly, and may even slap it a little while they are riding. Likewise, the recipient can control the speed and depth of their use of the dildo. In addition, if you bend your legs and place your feet on the bed, they can maintain their balance by placing their hands on their knees.

  If their thighs are tired but they still want to ride, you can easily squeeze their hips and push them up as fast as you need, without worrying about the dildo sliding out inconveniently before orgasm. You can also pull them down when you sit up, depending on how you feel more comfortable. If you can support yourself in a sitting position, then you are also close enough to reach around and give them some manual stimulation if they can't get there completely on their own. Once again, there are so many opportunities to be happy in this versatile location of erotic fun!

  7. Cunnilingus

  For people who want more adventures and don't mind looking a little silly when taking risks, there are strap-on sex toys suitable for all parts of your body. this is correct! After all, your pelvis is not the only problem involved. With this technique, you can use a chin strap, which means that the dildo will protrude from your chin. Once again, let your partner know what's going on in the first place so that they won't laugh when they stare at you.

  Many people will really like what you can do with that strange dildo, but they won't laugh for a long time. We will not lie to you, this position is difficult to maintain, so be careful not to strain your neck during mixed oral sex. If it is easier, ask your partner to lie on a few pillows and let their pelvis tilt and lift. After penetrating them, the focus is on what you do with your mouth to provide a perfect orgasm, not the details.

  Believe us, if you are inserting your vagina and using your tongue, your partner will quickly twist around and find the right place to grit your teeth. Don't try to push with your neck, let your partner hold the belt inside as they twist. You should be able to provide enough clitoral stimulation with your mouth so that lack of exercise is not a problem at all. This is a wild trip like no other!

  Choose your location

  Is your mind full of thoughts of using straps to enhance your sex life? Excellent! Now you can enter there with your new belt and find what suits you and your partner best. Don’t feel confined to these ideas. There are many ways to infiltrate your partner and grab the release that everyone likes. If you want to start from one position and then move to another, go for it! If your body is not used to these strapping positions, some of them may be very tiring, so do what you can do for as long as possible and then change it! When it comes to your sexual adventures, rules are used to break!

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