Are clitoral vibrators better than traditional vibrators?

Are clitoral vibrators better than traditional vibrators?


  A clit suction sex toy is a new kind of sex toy that uses air pressure to create a suction force against the clitoris, providing full-bodied clitoral orgasms. People often like to say it feels like oral sex, but in my opinion, it's more The softer, more focused and rhythmic sensations of licking usually associated with oral sex Clit suckers are widely being hailed as the best kinds of sex toys for instant orgasms. 

  However, lots of vulva-owners are confused about how exactly they differ from vibrators. And that’s what we discuss in this article — the difference between a clit sucker and a vibrator.

  How Do Clit Suckers and Vibrators Feel?

  The easiest comparison for a clit sucker’s sensation is oral sex. They use air pressure and suction force, which feels a lot like good oral sex. However, that comparison isn’t totally adequate because clit suckers also produce sonic pulses that shake your entire clitoral structure — something no other pleasure product or sexual partner can do.

  The clitoris can be compared to an iceberg. It’s a large structure, but we can only see the little clitoral tip rising above the water's surface. All sex toys and sexual partners stimulate the little tip, producing a pleasant tingling sensation. However, clit suckers deploy sonic pulses that vibrate the entire clitoral structure, making them far more powerful.

  Vibrators, in comparison, only provide direct clitoral stimulation or penetration. You can either use them to simulate penetrative sex, vaginal stimulation, or clitoral stimulation. However, their clitoral stimulation pales in comparison to clit suckers because they only activate the clitoral tip — leaving the rest of the clitoral structure untouched and passive.

  Describing the sensation of a vibrator is easy. Depending on the type of vibrator, it either feels like traditional penetrative sex or like clitoral orgasms. However, describing the sensation of clit suckers is a lot harder — they’re the only types of sex toys capable of triggering the entire clitoral structure, so they’ve tapped into a new kind of sensation that most vulva-owners have never experienced.

  Vulva-owners often compare the sensation of clit suckers to standing in front of massive loudspeakers and woofers in parties. When you stand in front of loud woofers, the sonic waves seem to flow through your body, shaking you front the inside — you can feel the sonic waves inside your body. Clitoral suckers do something similar — the sonic pulses shake your entire clitoral structure, inducing instant orgasms that are more powerful, more effective, and quicker than anything you’ve experienced.

  Can a Clit Stimulator Vibrate?

  Most clit suction toys only provide the suction feeling, so they don’t vibrate. However, some of the new generations of advanced clit suckers have started combining traditional vibrations and suction.

  New clitoral suction vibrator with features for traditional vibration and suction. The suction feature produces sonic pulses for complete clitoral stimulation, as described earlier. The vibration feature turns the toy into a traditional bullet-styled clitoral vibrator — facilitating direct stimulation.

  As such, if you don’t want to choose between direct and indirect clitoral stimulation, get a clitoral suction vibrator. Depending on what you want at that moment, you can use either suction or vibrations. You can also alternate between them to find the perfect rhythm for a powerful orgasm.

  Tip: Don’t Choose One or The Other… Use Clit Suckers and Vibrators/Dildos Simultaneously!

  All types of sex toys have their unique advantages — bullet vibrators are great at direct clitoral stimulation, classic vibrators and dildos are great at vaginal penetration, and clit suckers are brilliant at indirect clitoral stimulation. So, why choose between one or the other?

       Looking at the entire sensory experience with a suction-like vibe is more helpful than focusing on orgasm alone. Based on our experience and customer feedback, there is no earth-shattering difference between using a traditional vibrating product orgasm versus a suction vibrator. Because the mechanism of the clitoral suction toy wraps around the clitoris and is more targeted, the entire experience from start to finish will feel more intense, including orgasm. Sometimes it can even be a slightly longer orgasm, but the biggest difference is the orgasm trajectory.

       With a suction vibrator, it's possible to orgasm much faster than with a traditional vibrator, but it also causes more arousal spikes (higher peaks) during a session, which can be almost overwhelming at times. Traditional vibrators with fairly standard sized stimulation areas can have more stable, predictable orgasmic trajectories, but when you start experimenting with suction toys, you'll wonder how the whole process might feel different: the speed of orgasm, the speed of the road Spikes, stronger sensory intensity, possibly longer, stronger orgasms. Finally, suction vibrators are known (and loved!!) for delivering multiple orgasms, which may only end when your toy's battery runs out.

  Use clit suckers and vibrators/ dildos simultaneously! While you stimulate your clitoris with a clit sucker’s powerful sonic pulses, you can also use a classic vibrator or dildo for vaginal penetration. Doing so will allow you to simultaneously unlock all the pleasures your body is capable of!

  The most important thing is to experiment and learn what your body loves best. Try different combinations of different sex toys until you find a pattern or rhythm that you can ride to a blissful climax!

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