Anal Sex Toys for Beginners

Anal Sex Toys for Beginners


        First of all, congratulations on discovering new joys.

  Anal games are a more exciting experience. If you have never tried anal sex toys before, you may be a little confused about what these strangely shaped objects are and how to use them. Anal sex games may require more effort and a sense of adventure, but a strong sense of excitement will make you more excited and fall in love with anal toys. These tips on anal toys for beginners can make it easier.

  Graded anal beads

  These anal sex toys are the easiest and most comfortable choice for beginners. The graduated anal beads are small from the tip, and gradually become larger as you take them deeper. This allows you to take as many beads as you like-even if it is only the first one. As you become more accustomed to anal games, you can gradually challenge yourself with larger beads and deeper penetration. Scale beads are usually made of soft and elastic materials, such as silicone or rubber, so they can be bent easily and are more comfortable to wear. Using anal beads, pop them into place before sex, and then slowly pull them out when you are done to enhance your pleasure.

  Beginner Butt Plug

  These anal toys are designed to be worn. The beginner's butt plug is shaped like a cone, with a very small tip and a short, narrow shaft that gradually widens near the base. The tapered tip makes it easier to insert into the anus, while the scale shaft provides additional stimulation. Beginners should make sure to stick to the small butt plug until they are satisfied with anal games. Using anal plugs, gently insert them before sex, and then use muscles to hold them in place for continuous stimulation. To

  Basic prostate massager

  If you are interested in anal games that are mainly used to stimulate the prostate, then prostate toys are definitely your best choice. The prostate is called the male G-spot because it can enhance and enhance his pleasure. The prostate massager has a curved tip, which makes it easier to find and stimulate the prostate. Anal beginners should look for a prostate toy with a slender shaft to make it easier to insert. When using the prostate massager, always insert the tip so that the curve points towards his penis, and prepare to do some exploration before you tap gold.

  General guidelines on the use of anal sex toys

  Anal lubricant is absolutely necessary when using any type of anal toy. The "back door" has no natural lubricant and is very fragile, so you have to provide it yourself. Anal lubricants are thicker and longer lasting than ordinary lubricants. Before you start, apply a lot of lubricant to your toys and back doors. If necessary, be prepared to re-apply lubricant in the backdoor game.

  Before attempting to insert anything, make sure your back door is completely relaxed. Before slowly inserting the little finger, massage the area slowly and gently. Continue to massage until you or your partner are ready to try anal toys. If the back door is "wrinkled" tightly, do not try to insert anything. The biggest rule of anal play is slow and easy: nothing in anal play should be hurt or uncomfortable. Communicating with your partner is an important part of the experience: tell him or her what feels good and what feels bad.

  In the trial, find the best and most suitable insertion. When you have the first try and experience the pleasure, you will become more and more fond of anal sex toys.

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