Anal Sex for Pleasure

Anal Sex for Pleasure


       Anal sex is not for everyone, but we shouldn't ignore the joy of anal sex. There are many benefits of anal sex, but some people are afraid to try it. We think you should give the back door a chance! I believe you will fall in love with it!

  The chance of getting pregnant is basically zero

  One of the sexiest health benefits of anal sex is that you have almost no risk of pregnancy. Of course, we always recommend protective measures against STI or sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy, because as long as there are sperm near or around the vagina, there is a chance, but anal sex will significantly reduce the chance.

  Nevertheless, unprotected anal sex can increase the risk of infection. Protection is also helpful, as penetrating partners may become infected by contact with feces. Yes, even if you took a bath and cleaned yourself thoroughly. No matter how well you polish, there are always things you can't get rid of completely. Anal irrigation can help solve the poop factor, but it is not absolutely necessary.

  Generally speaking, if you ask: "Is anal sex safe?" we would say yes-if you do it well. There are some steps you can take to make anal sex safer for both parties, such as using a lot of lubricating oil, wearing latex condoms, and keeping communication open at all times.

  You can have a strong orgasm

  Did you know that it may actually be easier for you to achieve orgasm through anal sex? We are not just talking about prostate orgasm. Anal sex should feel good. 'Does anal sex hurt? We would say that as long as you and your partner take your time, use a lot of lubricating oil, and know what you are doing, they won’t. In addition, whether you are using a penis or a vagina, you have a high chance of orgasm.

  Your anal canal is full of super sensitive nerves, which means that even slight anal stimulation of fingering and edges is enough to bring some people to the edge. For people with prostate, the stimulation may be completely irresistible. Usually in a good way, although it can be too considerate of others, so we recommend doing something to try a sex toy yourself before involving a partner.

  For vaginal owners, points G and A are nerve bundles in the vagina, which can indirectly stimulate the anus through anal sex. You may be thinking "Why do you do this indirectly?" The answer is that sometimes indirection is more effective on sensitive nerves, and it may be your direct way to orgasm. Oh my goodness, think about the possibilities of happiness!

  By the way, some people have always wondered if anal sex will make your butt bigger? The short answer: No. If you are curious, we have an entire article on the subject.

  This is an opportunity to try some new toys

  Have you always wondered what it feels like to be anal bead or butt plug? Or have you set your sights on a new dildo that you think will feel great through the back door? Well, there is no time to find out now! We have collected a lot of anal sex toys for beginners and experts. No matter what float your boat uses, you will definitely find it in our catalog. Honestly, trying new things in the bedroom is so exhilarating!

  Try new things

  They say that diversity is the spice of life. Even those who like strict life need something special from time to time. Therefore, if you have been trapped indoors and feel bored during the COVID-19 lockdown, anal sex may be exactly what you and your partner need to bring hiss back to the bedroom and sex.

  You can become super close with your partner

  Although the whole sex is intimate, there are certain things that can make you and your partner closer. For example, most people have had sex during high school or college, but your partner may be the first person to have anal sex with you. This first time is an intimate experience, they know you are just sharing with them.

  Even if this is not the first time for anyone, compared with other sexual acts, the trust of anal sex is much higher. Of all sexual behaviors, anal sex may be the most dangerous because the anal canal has such a thin membrane. Without patience, care and concentration, it is easy to accidentally hurt your partner, and this trusting relationship will only increase the intimacy of the experience.


  Society and anal sex have an interesting relationship, but in the final analysis, this is something that many people like. Nevertheless, anal sex is still something that some people scoff at.

  But entering through the back door will be irritating. When you feel like you are avoiding something you shouldn't do, it makes your senses nervous and makes things more intense. This completely applies to anal sex. Many people like to know that anal sex is a bit more "external" than most societies want to recognize the extra pleasure.

  Good choice during menstruation

  Some people don't mind making a mess, but if you are one of those people who are overly sensitive at that time of the month, or you just don't want to change tampons, anal sex may be the sexiest solution you've been looking for. Who said you can’t have fun every month? Of course not us!

  Some people find that reaching orgasm during menstruation can reduce the pain associated with menstrual cramps. It can help relax the surrounding muscles and bring temporary euphoria by releasing hormones into the bloodstream, both of which can help you take a break from painful cramps. If there is an anal orgasm I am your Pamprin then we say, go straight ahead and take two!

  Take control of your libido

  Nice to know that you are making a decision for your body, right? Well, this is especially true when it comes to achieving your happiness. Satisfying your libido is not always easy, but exploring new areas of your body and knowing that you have the ability to make yourself feel good is a wonderful feeling.

  There is nothing better than knowing that you make you feel so good. Even if your partner is the one who penetrates you or opens up to you, that is your idea, and now you can see how great you make them feel.

  In summary

  Even though anal sex may never be the first thing on your sex to-do list, we definitely believe that if it piques your interest, you should give it a try. You will never know; maybe you will like it! Even if you don't, having this experience (pun intended) will make you a better sex partner, whether you give or receive. And, as they say, practice makes perfect. So, if your first time is a bit bumpy, don't be afraid to try, then try again!

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