Anal Play Position

Anal Play Position

  Now the popularity of butt games in mainstream culture is on the rise. More and more people are daring to try exciting and adventurous anal sex games. In this article, we will explore some of the most famous anal sex positions so that you can enjoy a lot during your next tryst. pleasure.

        Foreplay: preparing for anal sex

       Before we discuss the best anal sex positions, let's talk about the importance of foreplay. There are a lot of nerve endings in the anus. The soft touch and different types of pressure around this area can send a strong sense of pleasure to the brain and the whole body. This foreplay can help relax your sphincter and prepare for insertion. Most importantly, don't forget to communicate openly and honestly with your partner. Maintaining the right mindset is the best way to ensure that every participant has a satisfying experience.

  Top 5 best anal sex positions

       Move past point G, point A is there. Here are our top five anal sex positions to satisfy every buttocks desire.

  1: There is a seat

  This kind of anal sex position is very suitable for beginners who play butt, allowing the recipient to control and decide how quickly they can accept it. Are you nervous about size? Use docking plugs to help you define your comfort zone. To master this position, the giver should sit in a chair. (We recommend using a hard wooden kitchen chair as a support). The recipient should turn his back to the giver, place himself on top of the penis or toy and slide down. Shallow or deep, this position allows complete control by the receiver.

  2: Bottom up

  In addition, it is also known as the "dog pose", which is a true classic in anal sex positions. Depending on the speed and change of preference, this position is good for everyone, including novices. If deep penetration is your goal, then bottom up! Arching your back has never achieved such a goal. On their hands and knees (shoulder-width apart), the receiver raises the back end, while the giver enters from behind. This position can also free the giver's hands to help stimulate the clitoris or play with the nipples.

  3: Plank

  Also known for the trend of lying flat on anything, the plank position allows the giver to lie flat on top of the receiver and enter the back door with padded security (spoiler alert: this is the butt). Also suitable for beginners, this anal sex position does not allow deep penetration, but just enough to insert the tip-this gives way to satisfying anal games. If you are worried about this feeling, please check some lubricants and lotions to keep it smooth. The receiver lays on the ground with his legs close together, while the giver climbs on top and enters from behind.

  4: Full front mode

  If eye contact is right for you, then this posture is also suitable for you. Similar to the missionary style, the recipient lies on his back, with his legs spread apart, and the buttocks are raised with pillows. When they lift and spread their cheeks, the giver penetrates the receiver. This position allows maximum control. For example, the recipient can squeeze their knees on both sides of the giver to indicate whether it is too deep or too fast. This is important for beginners because it helps build trust. For experienced people, add a clitoral vibrator for extra sensation, or add a G-spot vibrator for double penetration.

  5: Come together

  If you prefer "snuggling and sex", this position is for you. Beginners or experienced people, who doesn’t like spoons? The recipient is on their side, while the giver faces in the same direction behind them. When the recipient lifts his knees slightly, the giver enters. With perfect deep penetration, the giver will control the speed and power. The skin fit is sexy, especially when you add a little massage oil.

  Are you ready to take the plunge and explore these toys? I want to see more anal toys. Make you happy!
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