Amwama Realistic Female Torso Male Sex Toys Reviews


   This slightly priced, male masturbator love doll has super soft gel tits and realistic pussy ass for vaginal anal breast sex.

  【Super Soft Gel Filling Breast】

  Gel-filled breasts were developed according to the market demand for soft breast dolls. Not only are these gel-based implants softer, but they do an excellent job of mimicking real women's breasts. They are softer than standard breast options and firmer and more dynamic than hollow breast options. Gel is the perfect middle ground and comes closest to mimicking the feel and movement of real breasts.

  【Designed with two holes and tunnels】

  Torso sex dolls are designed with vaginal and anal tunnels filled with textured nodules and ridges that increase friction and irritation. Two different internal structures bring you different pleasures. Both vaginal and anal tunnels are 5.9 inches in length.

  【Built-in advanced psychological skeleton】

  Bones keep her upright, while active joints enhance her flexibility, allowing you to experiment with different positions. Note that in normal conditions or when the sex doll is not in use, keep your legs together to avoid damaging the joint skin.

  【Soft and elastic TPE material】

  Made of high quality TPE material, this adult love doll is soft and skin-friendly, and the textured skin gives it the same look and feel as skin for the most realistic experience.

  【Perfect size for easy handling】

  Please note that this torso doll is not a LIFE SIZE sex doll. But it's the perfect size to handle: 21.26" overall length, 25.6" bust, 13.78" waist, 25.2" hips, and weighs 19 lbs.

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