Alovegarden Clitoral G-Spot Powerful Rose Vibrato

       The price of this vibrator is very favorable and it is still five-star praise, Waterproof Dildo Clit Stimulator with 10 Vibration Modes,Softer and Flexible Sex Toy for Women.

  √ 『Powerful vibrator』 The rose vibrator uses a tungsten steel motor, which is stronger than the usual vibrator. Designed ten kinds of vibration modes, from slow to fast, from weak to strong, not only suitable for beginners, but also can satisfy you who like strong vibration.

  √ 『Multi-angle vibrator』 The G-spot rose vibrator is made of safety silicone, so it is more flexible and soft. After a lot of research and comparison, we have chosen a 28.5 degree acute angle that is more suitable for women to reach orgasm, so it can make you reach orgasm faster, let's enjoy it.

  √ 『Rose vibrator』 The G-spot vibrator adopts rose shape, beautiful and practical. When you use it, the rose will stimulate your G-spot, clitoris and nipples more sensitively, bringing you a different pleasure.

  √ 『Waterproof & easy charging』 The G-spot clitoral vibrator is daily waterproof and can be used in the bathroom and bathtub. Using 3.7V Li-ion Battery, charging is faster and safer, and it can work for one hour after being fully charged.

  √ 『Quality service, careful packaging』 The G-Spot rose vibrator is packed in a beautiful rose box, which is a very suitable gift for yourself and your friends.
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