Advantages of Remote Control Vibrators

Advantages of Remote Control Vibrators

  In the era of innovation in sex toys, a new product line has emerged that has swept the market. These toys are ideal for long-distance interaction, programmable vibration intensity and wireless remote control. Basically, you can all connect and play with toys from anywhere in the world!

  For those unfamiliar with the concept, a remote vibrator is a sex toy that can be remotely controlled by another person. Sounds easy, right? But there are many ways to control sex toys remotely.

  Toys may come with a separate remote that can be used within a radius of the toy. More commonly these days, toys can be controlled via an app on your phone, usually via bluetooth (or occasionally via wifi). Depending on how the remote's functionality is set up, the app-controlled vibrator can be controlled locally (radius/range varies by toy), which means that the person using the remote needs to be close to the person using the vibrator. Some toys can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world.

  What are the advantages?

  1. Fun activities to share with your partner

  One of the best ways to keep a relationship satisfying is to explore new experiences together. A new activity can be anything like trying a new hobby together, going to a new place (like a new restaurant in town or an exotic vacation), or…trying out a new sex toy together. Regardless of the experience (sex toys can be fun or useless), no matter how exciting or embarrassing the experience is, trying a new sex toy together can be a great way to connect and open up.

  2. Give control to your partner

  Does the idea of ​​surrendering control (or being surrendered) sound exciting? If so, a remote-controlled vibrator is an excellent option to live out this fantasy.

  3. Explore new sensations you may not have considered

  It’s easy to fall into a routine when masturbating or having sex, whether it’s toys or natural. You know what works, you move one way or the other, you orgasm,'re done. After a while, it can get boring. By giving control to someone else, they might do something different than you normally do. Sometimes it misses the mark, but hey, you might come across something new that feels good. It could be a new feeling, or just the experience of someone else taking control of your joy can provide a new dimension to experience joy together.

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