A Guide to Spice Up Your Bedroom


  Every man in a sexual relationship benefits from learning how to spice up the bedroom.

  That's because no matter how good sex is now, if you do the same thing over and over again, it will eventually become boring and tedious. This leads to less and less intimacy, and eventually little to no sex.

  The key to sexual happiness is variety and discovering what your partner might like. Who knows, you might even surprise yourself in the process and discover some really interesting new things that you'll enjoy in your bedroom too.

  There is absolutely no harm in learning all of this, and you can only further strengthen your relationship by finding new ways to sexually satisfy each other.

  Here's How to Spice Up Your Bedroom

  First, both you and your partner need to rediscover yourself sexually.

  Discovering your sexuality and sexuality in a new, more positive way must start with open communication.

  You can't just experiment without telling your partner what you're doing and why you're doing it. This can break their trust and freak them out. It might even make them feel unwelcome because they might think you don't like them anymore.

  That's why proper communication is essential when you're both figuring out how to spice up your bedroom. To reassure your partner, reassure them that you still find them attractive and desirable. State that the reason you want to make things spicier is to enhance mutual enjoyment. Tell her you want to explore because you want to know how to get the most out of sex.

  If you approach her honestly, she may be eager to discover this new world of sexual pleasure with you.

  Once you and your partner talk openly about it, you can begin to discover the sexual desires that each other sees fit.

  To help you and give you some ideas, you can try the following tips.

  Start with a sexual challenge

  I'm going to spice up the bed in a counterintuitive but very effective way - the sexual challenge.

  Sexual challenges include talking to your partner and challenging yourself to have sex every day for 30, 60 or even 90 days, depending on how confident and masculine you both are.

  This will really get creative juices (and other types of juices) flowing. Because if you do the same kind of sex all those days, you'll both get bored very quickly.

  So this challenge forces you to think outside the box. You pretty much have to have sex because you've decided to accept it. To make it fun, you have to find something new in bed to try.

  It's a little-known relationship hack, but it's widely used by couples therapists. Nearly all couples who tried it reported positive results.

  There is a famous incident where Pastor Paul Wirth tested this sexual challenge on his congregation. In his book, The 30-Nature Challenge: An Intimate Journey, he describes the results.

  Couples report that it helps spice up their love lives. Women feel more desired, appreciated and loved. The men felt more manly, like they were leading the race.

  Add some toys to the mix

  One of the easiest ways to spice up sex is to use a variety of sex toys.

  They come in every imaginable shape and size for a huge amount of fun. Once you find something you and your partner love, you can use them to stimulate all your erogenous zones for true creativity.

  In fact, there are many different variants of sex toys. It would take the average couple years to try all of them. That's why they can turn a boring sex session into something truly kinky and memorable. The only limit to your mutual happiness is your imagination.

  So, talk to your partner about what type of toys they think they'll like, and go shopping. Pick something special you can use to enhance your sex experience.

  Check out the vibrating toys that enhance her pleasure. Try some accessories that can help you extend your life. Some toys are large and serve many different purposes, while others are so small and subtle that you can tuck them in your pocket. Every sex toy is different, so give it a try!

  Spice up your bedroom with accessories

  While toys can quickly add to the enjoyment you get from sex, accessories are an overall "another level."

  These accessories can take things up a few notches and turn a regular sex session into something very kinky. Think "50 Shades of Grey" is naughty and perverted.

  Unlike sex toys, accessories enhance the sexual experience without directly stimulating you. These sex toys are like props that can be used to create different sexual atmospheres. Examples include handcuffs, blindfolds, whips, paddles, sex swings, sex furniture, sexy clothing, and more.

  So if you're looking to explore a world of fun with accessories, you're sure to find something to suit your fancy. Remember, it's never too late to try some light bondage or roleplaying.

  Another great way how to spice up your bedroom is to wear provocative clothes.

  There is nothing more attractive than a sexy woman in glamorous lingerie that accentuates all her best features. Men also look great with the right boxer or briefs. In fact, if you want to spice things up with cosplay, it's really important to wear a variety of sexy clothes.

  Cosplay is one of the best ways to keep sex fresh and unique

  Sex role-playing is one of the best ways to spice up your love life, especially for couples who have been together for a long time. The mental stimulation of role-playing can ignite your playful imagination.

  One of the keys to sex is to keep your partner fulfilled both mentally and physically. Using role-playing in the bedroom can take care of the mental part very well.

  This is especially powerful for women. Because unlike most men, women need more mental stimulation to make sex feel great. In contrast, most men are ready to go as soon as they see a hot body.

  You can choose from many quirky and creative role-playing scenarios. You can play as teacher and naughty student, horny patient and sexy nurse or a pair of strangers hooking up for the first time. When you use your imagination, the possibilities are practically endless.

  If you and your partner prefer to try something more extreme, choose a safe word and go live in town with your quirky fantasies! Domination and submissive scenarios are fairly popular RPG choices. A subcategory of these is rape fantasy role-playing.

  Before you think it's too weird, you should know that an analysis of 20 recent sex studies shows that between 31% and 57% of women have had rape fantasies. It's not that weird actually!

  This brings me to the next point.

  How to spice up a bedroom by being more dominant

  While not all women like a dominant partner, especially outside the bedroom, many women report that they want their man to be more assertive and even more dominant in bed.

  Many women complain that their partners are too timid or too gentle in bed. That's why being more daring during sex is one of the surest ways to spice things up.

  So, don't be afraid to hit her, grab her, and pull her hair every now and then. Pushed her against the wall, pinned her to the bed, and raped her. Show your physical strength and dominate her in the bedroom.

  Start slowly, not too early or too rough. Then, if you see her responding positively, gradually increase the intensity. As long as you both are still enjoying it, move on. But to be on the safe side, have safe words ready.

  A little rough can spice up a sex life that lacks excitement.

  Take it outside the bedroom

  Another good tip for freshening things up is to have sex in places you wouldn't normally do.

  Do it on the kitchen table, sofa, and stairs. Sex on the washing machine and office chair. If you have a garage, go ham and have sex on the roof. Showers and tubs are great places to have sex, as long as you have a non-slip mat to keep the two of you steady.

  You can even take it out of the house by staying in a rundown love motel. If you're feeling adventurous, you can have sex at the beach or in a quiet campground.

  Changing the landscape can really rekindle that sexual spark.

  Surprise each other at night

  Another great way to spice up your bedroom is to surprise your partner by waking her up at night with a sensual blowjob.

  Just make sure you both have nowhere to go in the morning, as this often leads to long meetings that can take hours.

  Trust me, nothing is more enjoyable and amazing than waking up to some really good oral sex, especially when your partner wakes you up with the act itself.

  So next time you know she doesn't need to get up early, try it for yourself. You'll soon hear her moaning and writhing in pleasure. If you do it right, she'll appreciate the gesture.

  When you're done, you can hint that one day you'd like something similar done for you.

  I just hope you don't have a knee-jerk reaction when she surprises you with this in the middle of the night, literally putting her knees in her face!

  These are just a few tips on how to spice things up with your sweetheart in the bedroom. They're a fairly quick and easy way to make sex fresh, different and fun.

  Once you've talked to your partner about wanting to spice up your sex life, you can start adding something new to spice it up!

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