6 Surprising Facts Men Should Know About the Female Orgasm


  The female orgasm is a conspicuously missing topic in almost all sex education classes.

  We should know it almost entirely on our own, but it can be hard to find reliable sources of knowledge about it.

  The female orgasm is deeply embedded in certain myths and stereotypes, so it can trigger conflicting views between partners.

  Knowing what an orgasm is, how specific each woman's experience is, and how it arises will not only increase the likelihood of having an orgasm, it will also make the relationship better.

  Now is the time to expand your awareness. Here's everything you've always wanted to know about orgasms, and maybe your next sexual encounter will be the best yet.

  Here are six key facts to help you move forward.

  A longer penis isn't always better

  As far as penis size goes, bigger doesn't always mean it's better, at least when it comes to a woman's desire to orgasm.

  A longer-than-average penis doesn't increase the likelihood that some women will have an orgasm, a survey suggests.

  When prompted to choose the best penis size for a partner, most chose a slightly above-average size.

  Some women fake orgasms

  If you haven't noticed, it seems that many women may have false orgasms. According to several studies, it is about 53% to 67%.

  These factors are everywhere: most of these women want their partner to look satisfied and feel special, others just want sex to be over, and still others want their partner not to feel bad.

  Society puts enormous pressure on women to achieve orgasm, which can escalate into guilt and anxiety about sex.

  Having an open conversation about how your partner wants to be touched and what brings her joy will help increase relationship satisfaction.

  It is necessary to encourage ladies to orgasm according to their standards, but also consider that both of you can be sexually satisfied, albeit attainable.

  Female orgasms are more than just genital stimulation

  Spontaneous female orgasm has a major psychological component.

  Women who had a strong desire for a casual sexual partner were more likely to orgasm than women who didn't.

  And women who show a strong physical desire for their partner also seem to be more likely to orgasm.

  Nipple stimulation and some other types of foreplay can help you orgasm.

  Once the nipples are awakened, the brain sends out oxytocin, the same hormone that causes uterine contractions.

  The contractions then activate the genital area of ​​the brain, which leads to orgasm despite genital stimulating activity.

  Multiple orgasms are real

  At orgasm, most people experience a refractory period during which no further orgasm can be achieved, no matter what kind of pleasure is given.

  This interval will last from a few minutes to a few hours, making it rare for men to have multiple orgasms.

  Unlike men, women are able to sustain multiple orgasms at once, then immediately back to back as arousal progresses.

  Orgasms are mostly interrupted around 2-4 minutes.

  So the next time your partner has his first orgasm, you shouldn't settle down! Keep pushing the big O!

  time is life

  It's completely natural that a large number of women take longer to peak than their male counterparts. On average, women take 15-45 minutes longer to orgasm than men.

  If you find yourself reaching ecstasy before your partner, calm down and have more sex games.

  Further foreplay, such as stroking, fondling, and kissing, can make sex more intense. Women also need to warm up more.

  The biggest explanation for false orgasms in women has to do with the stress of taking a long time compared to men. So, if your main goal is her happiness, be patient.

  Stress and anxiety are the number one enemy of orgasm

  Contrary to popular assumption, the brain is our primary sex organ. And, like many things, whenever orgasm is involved, the mind and body need to be in tune with each other.

  We also know that stress can get in the way of sex, and a busy day can stress a woman's desire to enjoy sexual intimacy.

  Try hot massages, hot baths and foreplay as your partner embarks on a one-way trip to the Big O.

  Also, that lovely understanding from a partner is what encourages good self-expression in a woman.

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