5 Tips for Using a Rabbit Shaker

5 Tips for Using a Rabbit Shaker


  A popular assumption is that rabbit vibrators can only be used for vaginal/clitoral dual stimulation. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Although the rabbit vibrator is designed so youcan stimulate two places at once, you’re not limited to just using a rabbit vibrator that way.

  Below are a few suggestions of ways I suggest exploring using a rabbit vibrator:

  1. Use a rabbit vibrator for external stimulation only

  You can use the shaft or the external nub to stimulate not only clitoris and vulva, but also the anus, nipples, testicles… you get the idea. If the vibration and shape of the toy feels good on some part of the body, you can use a rabbit vibrator that way. It doesn’t need to be exclusively for clitoral/vaginal dual stimulation.

  You can use a rabbit style vibrator this way for foreplay or for a complete masturbation session. There’s no such thing as the masturbation police (thank god) so if you like it, it feels good, and it’s safe, then you do you, my friend.

  2. Two-handed technique

  Just as you can use the rabbit vibrator for external stimulation only, there’s no reason not to consider using both hands to pleasure yourself at once. You can use one hand to hold the handle and the other hand to hold the external nub (provided it’s flexible enough to move around).

  3. Hold the external nub instead of the handle

  You don’t have to hold on to the handle. You can hold on to the external nub instead so you can have more control over where you focus vibration on yourself. I recommend this method along with the grinding method.

  4. Thrusting

  I’ve found in my experience studying rabbit vibrators (yes, it’s a job!) that if you are looking to use a rabbit vibrator for significant thrusting movement, you’ll want to be mindful what you get and learn how to best use it.

  A difficulty with rabbit vibrators is if you move the handle to move the shaft, that also moves that clitoral nub — and depending on the design of that nub and how you use it, it might move the nub to places you don’t want. I’ve yet to see anyone figure out a single design that works for everyone’s bodies and preferences, but there are some who come close and can do well for many people. Some toys are better designed for different body types or masturbation styles. I’ll be listing some below in the “Best Rabbit Vibrator” section.

  5. Grinding

  I’m leaving my favorite technique for last. One of the most foolproof ways to use a rabbit vibrator (provided you like how it feels) is the grinding motion. Basically, after any foreplay you might do, you insert the shaft and position the clitoral stimulator where you like it (adding lube to the shaft beforehand if you need some extra lubrication). Then once you start using it at your preferred settings, you basically grind on the clitoral stimulator and can rock the shaft back and forth, rubbing against your g-spot.

  You can use your hand on the clitoral stimulator to add a bit more pressure or control over the clitoral nub for more precision as though you’re fingering yourself but only the external vibration gives you superpowers.

  It’s probably one of the better ways to maintain control over the toy and rub everything the way you want it.

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