5 Reasons Why You Need a Vibrating Penis Ring in Your Life

5 Reasons Why You Need a Vibrating Penis Ring in Your Life


  Cock rings are one of the most popular men's sex toys. It is suitable for everyone and provides exciting external stimulation. Here are our top 5 reasons to get a vibrating cock ring for yourself, along with tons of tips and tricks to help you get the most out of it.

  To Him: They Can Make Your Erection Bigger 

  Think cock rings are just a couple's toy? wrong!

  Wearing a ring on your shaft, ball, or both creates a firmer, longer-lasting erection, as well as a more intense sensation of orgasm, so penis rings are also great for enhancing solo play.

  Once your ring is comfortably in place, the flick of a switch adds exciting vibrations to your happy session.

  For her: They make awesome clit (and nipple) vibrators

  Despite the name, neither you nor your partner need a penis to enjoy a cock ring.

  Something like an elastic cock ring can make a great clitoral vibrator in the moonlight.

  Slide it over two or three fingers to add an exhilarating extra dimension to your fingers during solos, or let your partner enjoy clit-tickling time.


  ● Apply it to your nipples, buttocks, inner thighs and buttocks before moving it to a more private place

  ● Cover the ring with a water-based lubricant to help it glide on the skin

  ● If your single speed ring has shock, try to eliminate vibration by using it on your underwear

  ● Use a cock ring to enhance oral sex - alternate between licking, kissing, and ring humming (slipping the ring over your fingers will give you more control)

  For them: they add seriousness to your sex life

  The unreal and intimidating vibrating penis ring is perfect for beginners and a great first-time purchase for couples who discover sex toys together.

  Not only do they help increase his size and hardness, increase his stamina, and add an exciting buzz to both sides, most vibrating cock rings also feature textured clitoral stimulators.

  Plus, since the cock ring can help slow him down, allowing her to orgasm faster, you may orgasm at the same time!


  ● Grinding instead of thrust - this allows both sides to maintain maximum contact with vibration

  ● Remote control toys like the Desire Deluxe Rechargeable Rabbit Cock Ring, which in turn controls the vibration

  ●Ring with quivering bunny ears for more intense clitoral stimulation

  Plus...they are travel friendly

  These fantastic little contraptions can easily fit into a weekend bag, suitcase or pocket, making them the perfect on-the-go toy.

  Plus, since they're battery-powered or USB-charged, you and your vacation buddies don't have to fight over travel adapters.


  ● A lockable sex toy box for your cock ring collection

  ● Toys with travel locks, such as rechargeable vibrating love rings

  ● Waterproof cock rings, such as vibrating waterproof cock rings for underwater antics

  And they are cheap!

  You can get a vibrating cock ring for less than $5, so you can easily try one without spilling.

  On the cheaper end, stopcock rings tend to be disposable, but you'll get quite a bit of value for your money—the Vibrating Love Ring gives you 30 minutes of orgasm, single-speed vibration.

  Always safe...

  Try out the size of your rooster ring before relying on it in the bedroom.

  Remove the cock ring after half an hour, allow blood flow to return to normal, and try again.

  The penis ring should restrict blood flow and make your penis appear slightly enlarged, with distinct veins and flushes. However, sometimes they can be too tight for you, and you should check the warning signs to make sure you're not doing yourself any harm.

  If you can see a noticeable narrowing of the penis where the ring is or if the penis is red or blue, the ring should be removed because it is too tight.

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