2022's Guide to the Best Sex Toys for Men


  Male sex toys come in many types, styles, shapes and sizes

  No matter what type of man you are or what you like, there will be male sex toys that meet your specific and personal needs. Your choice depends on what you want to achieve with their help.

  This article will help you narrow down your search so you can find what really excites your mind and body.

  Let's start with the most popular male sex toy categories.

  Cock ring

  Penis rings, also known as sex ring toys, are often the best sex toys for men who like to experiment and want to last longer in bed. Rings designed to fit around your penis can increase your sexual pleasure while also stimulating your female partner's clitoris, giving you both amazing sensations and heightened orgasms. They are usually made of silicone or metal.

  Vibrating cock ring

  Vibrating cock rings are designed to provide more fun than regular cocks, and vibration is the key to increased feel. They can make penetrative sex better and are used by men for all kinds of sex.

  How do cock rings work?

  A penis ring is worn on the penis. They help prevent blood from flowing from the penis. This results in stronger, longer, harder erections and ultimately longer intercourse.

  Here's how to use a cock ring to make sex incredible!

  Cleaning the toy: First, you need to clean the ring with soap and warm water. Dry thoroughly and avoid direct sunlight to avoid possible degradation. It probably won't show up on your kitchen windowsill anyway 🙂

  Apply Lube: Using a lube with a cock ring can help it slide down the penis quickly without causing any harm or pain. You can use a water-based lubricant or massage oil.

  Positioning Ring: Place the penis in the penis ring and make sure it holds the penis tightly. You can use a condom with a cock ring. It is best to put the condom on the penis before putting on the ring.

  Features to look for in a rooster ring

  Size: Before buying the best penis ring you can find, you need to know the size of your penis. The ring is designed to fit securely on your penis to limit blood flow. A loose fit ring will not do the job.

  Adjustable: Some are adjustable. This type of ring can be adjusted to fit tightly on the penis. If your penis gets bigger, you don't have to buy another one. Just adjust it to suit your manliness.

  Materials: As with almost all other sex toys, a silicone cock ring is usually best. Silicone has been tested and will not irritate your skin. Silicone toys are wear-resistant, strong, safe and hygienic.

  Vibration: For more mutual fun, you can choose to buy a vibrating cock ring. The vibrating effect engorges your penis and massages your partner's clitoris. It can also deepen the level of intimacy between you and your partner and improve your sex life. Women love the combination of penetration and clitoral vibration and will thank you for it.

  Butt plug

  An anal plug is an anal toy designed to be inserted into the rectum for sexual pleasure and to enhance anal sex. This sex toy looks very much like a dildo, but it is shorter and has a flat end for a firm grip. It is one of the most popular male sex toys.

  How to use a butt plug

  To use the butt plug painlessly, you need to lubricate the toy and the anus so that it slides in and out easily. If you're using it with a partner, you might want to try Missionary Pose or Doggy Pose, or whatever other pose you like. Your imagination is the only limit.

  You can try inserting a finger or two into the anus before inserting the butt plug. When you're comfortable with that, you can plug in a comfortable plug and start your journey to Cloud Nine.

  Features to Consider Before Buying a Butt Plug

  Shape: Most people choose to buy plugs with a slim profile. Those who are more adventurous or have experience with anal sex may go bigger, or opt for a butt plug in the shape of one. It's important to get a plug that fits your hip and rectum and is not painful; unless you're going through some painful experience.

  Material: Choose a material suitable for lubricating use, as most people must use lube when playing with butt plugs.

  Male masturbator

  Male masturbators, commonly referred to as masturbation sleeves, are sex toys used by men for solo and self-gratification. It's the perfect sex toy for men who want "real sex" while masturbating. They can also be used to help enhance oral sex with a partner or the same oral sex sensation. They are made of different materials and have different designs. Some use vibration and pulsation; others use suction or manual operation. With so many exciting male masturbators to choose from, you might find it hard to know where to start. You may want to try some different movements and types of masturbation toys. Luckily, they're not too expensive, so you can try different ones and choose what feels best to you.

  Prostate massager

  Erectile dysfunction can be really stressful for men and their partners. One solution to this situation is a prostate massager, also known as a prostate stimulator. The prostate is a male gonad that produces fluid that aids ejaculation. The prostate massager stimulates the p-spot and touches people who he may not normally be touched. Penetrating vibrations can get his juices flowing and help him grow to meet the challenges of great sexual performance.

  Vibrating prostate massager

  A vibrating prostate massager has the same function as a regular prostate massager, but with added vibration. We've talked a lot about vibration, and that's because the deep electrical stimulation allowed by the pulsing, spinning, vibrating, and massage functions can be the difference between a mediocre, dull experience and an earth-shattering orgasm that will take your breath away. Such vibrating massagers often come with vibrating heads; for obvious reasons.

  How to use a prostate massager:

  ● We recommend that you start with a warm bath to relax.

  ● Clean and lubricate your ultimate prostate toy for easy insertion.

  ● Get comfortable, feel comfortable and excited in anticipation.

  ● Start inserting slowly, as rapid insertion can be shocking, especially when inserting curved toys.

  ● Start exploring different settings. We recommend starting with the least intense and working your way up to the climax.

  Anal beads

  An anal bead is a large ball that usually starts out about the size of a pea but can get bigger. Beads are strung together to create unique toys to explore anal play. They are inserted into the anus and used for foreplay during anal sex, masturbation or oral sex. Anal beads can also be used for prostate stimulation. Some types of anal beads have spinning beads. This type can be penetrating and very exciting. Skillfully waving a set of anal beads, a man will come, in time.

  How to use anal beads:

  Before buying this sex toy, you must decide what type you want, rigid or soft anal beads. You also need to consider what material is best for your use. As with almost all sex toys, silicone beads tend to be the best because they're non-porous and easy to clean. They usually have small indentations on their surface.

  Anal beads are best used with a generous amount of lubrication (silicon or water-based lube), although some are pre-lubricated. As with prostate vibrating massagers, it is best to start slowly with anal beads, increasing size and vitality over time and experience.

  Sexual health

  Male sex toys aren't always for entertainment, though. Although they can be very enjoyable. Sex toys can also be used to treat a variety of sexual problems in men. Some toys can help with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, loss of libido, and even problems after surgery. For example, constriction rings can help a man maintain an erection longer, make the penis firmer, and delay ejaculation. Scientifically designed male vibrators can help men get erections and stimulate nerve endings.

  It's true that men who use sex toys can reap many health benefits, especially prostate massage. The NHS has yet to say that prostate massage may help prevent cancer, so we certainly wouldn't recommend it. However, many men claim that regular massaging of the buttocks wonderland (or P-spot) can help reduce inflammation and keep them healthy. A well-known online prostate resource site claims that massage can improve urine flow, increase blood flow, and help keep the prostate at a normal, healthy size. One of the best treatments for prostatitis (painful swelling of the prostate) is regular digital massage, and for good reason.

  Sex toys made of silicone, tempered glass, metal, or ABS plastic are generally recommended. These materials are considered safe and pose no threat to your sexual health. You should also avoid sex toys made from jelly and rubber, which are porous and difficult to clean and degrade over time.

  If you experience any health problems affecting your sexual health, please consult your doctor first. You can also contact your local sexual health clinic for advice, or, if necessary, a sexual counselor or relationship therapist for support.

  Find the best men's sex toys for you

  Best for beginners

  Men who are just beginning to experiment with sex toys often want toys that can be used on their own. The most popular type of toy we sell to beginners is simulated blowjob. As a beginner, masturbation sleeves (i.e. blowjobs) are the products you should try. What better way to start than oral sex?

  Best reality toys

  Men like to have a sex toy that looks and feels like the real thing. Without a doubt, one of the leaders in this area is the Flesh Light Lady Pink. This toy looks and feels like a vagina, with reviews talking about erotic realism and a mind-blowing pleasure experience.


  Masturbation is usually achieved through masturbation sleeves. With sleeves that simulate pussy penetration, sleeves for deepthroat sessions, or even both, we recommend having a masturbation sleeve in your toy collection ready for when you want a little solo fun.


  The best and most popular type of anal toy is the butt plug. They provide an incredible feel when in use, and we believe, they are the best option on the anal gaming market. When choosing a plug, be sure to choose the right size plug, especially if you are using this type of toy for the first time. Otherwise, you may put off a truly wonderful experience.


  The best sex toys that men can use with their partners are vibrating cock rings. Although originally designed to help men delay erections, the vibrations stimulate your partner's clitoris without any extra effort. No more reaching for or using hand-held toys. We've read a lot of comments from men who think that wearing a dick ring will give them more confidence and allow their partner to go further during sex.

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