12 Female Orgasms - And This Is How To Have Them All

12 Female Orgasms - And This Is How To Have Them All


       If you ask me how many different types of orgasm I have, at the age of 19 I might answer "...there are different types?".

  Sadly, like many young girls, the only orgasm I know is the one I habitually pretend.

  But when I have my first character toy, I know what I need in bed. Therefore, I also learned that women can have 12 different types of orgasms.

  If you are also interested in this, then please read to understand what they are and how to have them.

  1. clitoral orgasm  

       The most common and easiest kind of orgasm, you can get one by *spoiler alert* to stimulate your clitoris!

  Masturbation (single masturbation and multi-person masturbation) should help you understand what excites you and what can help you achieve clitoral orgasm, which can be described as intense and short-lived.

  2. Vagina/G-spot orgasm

      The G-spot (or Graffenberg's point, to be precise) is the name of the small nerve-rich area above the anterior vaginal wall.

  This is a controversial topic because some sex experts insist that point G is a myth. But does it really matter? If massaging the area with a circular "coming" movement can get you to the big O, then the G point is definitely real for you.

  If you ask your partner to gently give you oral sex with a finger or sex toy to stimulate your G-spot when they start working, you can add points-but please be patient, as this may take time to master.

  3. Mixed orgasm
      When multiple areas of your body are touched and pleasurable at the same time, a mixed orgasm occurs.

  They may happen when you are in fast-paced sex, or when you are slowly preparing for the main activity.

  This is a great way to light up a large number of sexy areas at the same time, as well as a great opportunity to throw some foreplay dice.

  4. Multiple orgasms
      Multiple orgasms can be continuous (when you reach an orgasm, rest, and then reach the orgasm again) or continuous (orgasms one after another without a break in between).

  If you desire more, please try the sequential style first. Orgasm, then rest for a minute to enjoy the extra oxytocin that floods the brain. Then back to the second round! There are three...four...

  If you are still learning about your body, you might as well focus on learning to reach orgasm before trying multiple orgasms.

  5. Anal orgasm

      You may not have thought about it, but you may be someone who can reach an orgasm during the anal period.

  Many women can reach orgasm during anal sex, but there is not much talk about it in popular culture.

  Most heterosexuals we see in mainstream movies and TV are standard vaginal penile intercourse, but less than 8% of women achieve orgasm in this way.

  The wall of the anus is full of nerve endings. Why should you deprive yourself of an amazing orgasm? Make sure to use a lot of lubricating oil, if you are a beginner, slow down.

  6. Sleep orgasm (also known as "snoring orgasm")  

       The absolute power of the brain means that women can reach orgasm while sleeping, which makes a lot of sense.

  In your sleep, you are the most relaxed. You don't need to worry about how you look, and you don't need to worry about your performance in bed. When these negative thoughts occur in sex, they are called "bystanders", which can be a huge obstacle.

  During your sleep, your mind is free to explore your sexual fantasies without feeling rushed or judged. This can excite you to the ultimate climax. You might even wake up eventually

  7. Cervical orgasm

      This is one of the most powerful orgasms a woman can have.

  Sometimes referred to as a systemic orgasm, because it washes you from head to toe. Cervical orgasm is best achieved through deep vaginal penetration.

  The sex therapist recommends warming up in a few different positions beforehand, and then using the dog-like approach to get as deep as possible.

  8. U-Spot orgasm  


       The urethra is not just for urination, ladies! It is surrounded by hidden parts of the clitoris, which are internal rather than external like the head.

  When your urethra is irritated, blood rushes to the erectile tissue around the opening, which can cause ejaculation or "jetting." But it is also very susceptible to infection, so please do your research before you start trying this class.

  Oh, make sure you have a towel on hand.

  9. Point A orgasm
      The “external source area of ​​the anterior fornix” or “second G point” is located in the navel area above the cervix.

  It's best to reach after quite a bit of foreplay and use a lot of lube, so take some time before aiming for this kind of orgasm.

  Ask your partner to touch point A with a finger pad or toy, and then pull down from the front wall to get a neighbor awakening orgasm!

  10. Nipples orgasm
      Your breasts have the potential for orgasm!

  It turns out that playing with breasts and nipples light up the same part of the brain that responds to genital and clitoral stimulation. Stroking, massaging, or sucking your breasts (the list goes on) can also trigger the release of oxytocin. If you want to get a nipple orgasm, the edge is the key.

  First, massage the area around your breasts, torso, and abdomen to make fun of yourself and promote blood circulation around your chest.

  Then, circle and caress your breasts with a feathery touch. Do not touch your areola or nipple until you are severely awakened.

  Once you feel that you can't wait any longer, stroke your areola with your fingers, and then start to gently pinch your upright nipple from root to tip. This should cause multiple waves of pleasure to sweep you across.

  11. Core gas
      If you need more motivation to exercise, please keep reading! Core orgasm, (or exercise-induced orgasm, is real). In 1953, the famous sexologist Alfred Kinsey mentioned for the first time that these orgasms often occur when you exercise your core muscles.

  The core orgasm will start somewhere near your abdomen and may occur during or shortly after exercise.

  12. Expanded response
       The definition of this rare phenomenon is quite complicated. Women who experience extended sexual response (ESR) can have multiple, long, and intense orgasms.

  Although the scientific community has not fully understood it, researchers believe that ESR is caused by the simultaneous activation of the genitals, pelvis, lower abdomen, and vagus nerve.

  Women who have experienced ESR report that they see flashes and colors during orgasm, have the experience of being out of their body, and even feel as if an earthquake has occurred!
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