Unlike most dildos, double-headed dildos can be used in different ways. You can use it in single-player games, homosexuality, and heterosexuality. The double-headed dildo can be integrated into various types of games. Double-headed dildos have an extra-long length that is deeper than ordinary dildos and allow double penetration (vaginal and anus) for women.

  In addition to its versatility, most double dildos have amazing designs with a meat-like texture-a must-have in your sex toy collection!

  What is a double-headed dildo?

  The double-headed dildo is almost exactly what its name implies: a sex toy with penis-shaped protrusions on both ends. It is different from the standard-defined dildo, which only has a head, one end is used for penetration, and then a base for fixing the dildo, or in the case of a sucker dildo, it may be pasted around your house Various items or locations.

  On the other hand, when it comes to double-headed dildos, both heads can be safely and happily used for penetrating sex games.

  There are many changes in the broader category of "two-headed dildos". For example, one way they change is shape. Some double-headed dildos are very long and completely vertical. These are intended to be used by two people at the same time, each putting a head in a hole in their body.

  The others bend in the center and form what is often described as a "crescent shape" or "U shape". Although this type can be shared among partners with a little flexibility and a lot of experimentation, it is mainly used by one person during masturbation.

  Women can use the toy to insert the vagina and anus at the same time, or alternately rub one end of the dildo on the clitoris with only one head in it. Men can combine anal insertion with stimulating the head of their penis, especially if one or both ends of the dildo have a vibration function.

  Of course, the size of the double-headed dildo can also vary. Like more standard dildos, their circumference-also called "circumference" or "thickness"-can range from less than one inch, which is great for beginners, to more than two inches, designed for those who can’t get enough wall A pleasant burning sensation stretched to the absolute maximum.

  However, what really shines with double-headed dildos is their length. Of course, the double head needs to be much longer than a standard dildo so that each partner or hole has a few inches of insertable length to enjoy-usually at least 5 inches is recommended, and 6-8 inches is not uncommon for those who really love it. Said, some depth of penetration.

  Therefore, even a "small" double-headed dildo can easily reach a foot long, and a foot and a half (18 inches) or even a full two feet (24 inches) is not unheard of. If you want to give it a try and see how deep your body can withstand the toy, or if you just need something that you can expect to hit your G-spot or prostate correctly at all times, then a double-headed dildo is definitely for you.

  When discussing the possible variations of double-headed dildos, we cannot ignore the head itself. Like standard dildos, double-headed dildos can range from "realistic"-skin color, molded head and veins-to "fantasy"-curved and distorted shapes, ridges, beads or knot textures, and the tip is specially designed for use For friction-sensitive points.

  However, a double-headed dildo can do what other types of dildos cannot: it can satisfy your desire for real things and more wonderful things at the same time.

  The multiple uses of double-headed dildos

  Regardless of size, shape or design, a double-headed dildo is a versatile toy that can be used to bring happiness to you and your partner in many different ways. In fact, if we take the time to discuss every way that double-headed dildos can be used in the bedroom, we will stay here all day, and this page looks more like a novel than an article!

  Instead, we will focus on providing you with some useful tips and tricks on the most common uses of double-headed dildos. Our goal is to help you learn how to use these unique and wonderful toys, so that you (and others you invite to the bed) have the greatest pleasure and the most satisfying orgasm!

  single-player game

  If you want to use a double-headed dildo during masturbation, you should buy a design that is bent into a U shape or a flexible design that can be shaped into the configuration you want. Although the long, straight, hard model of the double-headed dildo can of course be used in a single case, you can only use it like a standard dildo and can only penetrate one hole at a time.

  On the other hand, a U-shaped or flexible dildo allows you to try double penetration and piercing yourself, while stimulating other sensitive parts such as the clitoris or the head or the underside of the penis.

  However, before going all out to plug the dildo into your two holes, we recommend that you take some time to adjust to your new toy. Try some separate sessions, you can focus on one hole instead of another. Why is this an important step involved? You may be asking yourself now.

  Well, of course it is to figure out which head is where it feels better! Many women find that they have a strong preference for one head in the vagina and the other head in the anus, while others do not have that special taste and like to change things often.

  But be careful-before switching between vagina and anus, you should always clean each head of the dildo thoroughly, including spraying or washing it with an antibacterial sex toy cleaner. The reason is that bacteria found in the anus can cause irritation, itching and even infection when they enter the fragile environment of the vagina.

  You may even find that a head can only be inserted correctly into a specific hole, or that a head feels good to rub your clitoris (or the head of a male penis), but does not fit you internally. In short, a little experimentation will help you find all the best ways to use your new toy to bring you the most fun.

  Single player games with double-headed dildos can be played in various positions.

  You can lie on your back or prone and penetrate yourself, you can sit on a dildo and ride it, you can do some dog-like movements with your hands and knees, or you can even be busy in front of the mirror so you can see the two heads in You come in and out of you, as an expression of joy and ecstasy on your face.

  Once again, experimentation is a good choice-try many different locations to find the best method for you!

  Buddy game

  At first it seems that using a double-headed dildo with your partner offers far fewer options because it involves two people, two bodies, and may involve two sets of very different holes and preferences for how these holes are penetrated. However, we are happy to report that this is definitely not true-you and your partner can use double-headed dildos in many different ways to bring happiness to both of you!

  If your main interest is playing with partners, we recommend that you buy a completely straight double-headed dildo, or a dildo that can be bent and positioned into a variety of shapes and configurations.

  Although the "U-shaped" dual heads are a bit flexible and creative, and can be used by two people at the same time, they are more commonly designed for single-player games and can be a bit uncomfortable when multiple players are involved. After all, you want to be happy and satisfied when you end sex, rather than body aches and muscle cramps, right?

  As suggested in the "Single Player" section above, it is strongly recommended that both parties take a moment to learn about their new toy before engaging in any dual action session involving both of you.

  The main reason for this is that different people have different preferences. It is important for each participant to figure out what they like so that they can get as much fun from the experience as possible.

  Therefore, you should bring the toys to the bed individually to understand exactly what you like. For example, one person may find that one person's head is a bit too big for them, and they are receptive to another person, while another person may find that they like to change things regularly.

  If lesbian couples are using double-headed dildos, the experiment is especially important because four holes are involved (technically six, if you count your mouth!) and the way everyone likes to insert in each hole may be There is a big difference.

  As mentioned again, after each experiment, be sure to clean the two heads of the dildo thoroughly. Yes, this does include time only for vaginal insertion. Since this kind of dildo is designed to penetrate the bodies of at least two different people, it should be kept clean to avoid the spread of bacteria and possibly even the spread of diseases between users.

  Although many dildo materials such as stainless steel and glass can be safely disinfected by immersing them in boiling water, if you plan to make double-headed dildos a regular part of your sex life, we strongly recommend that you purchase a strong antibacterial cleanser.

  When you need to try a double-headed dildo together, we strongly recommend starting with a pose where you two face each other.

  It may be that you both stand up or kneel on the bed, or it may be that one partner is lying on his back while the other is sitting or lying on them, depending on which is more comfortable for them. We recommend sticking to these postures in the first few meetings, because they allow you both to maintain communication-not only can you easily hear the other person talking and hear your voice, but you can also pay attention to the other person’s face to make sure they are playing well. Very happy, without any discomfort or pain.

  This is helpful because you are all adjusting to the new toy and are figuring out what movements and postures can successfully make you feel good and get you to orgasm.

  Once you are satisfied with the forward posture and ready to try new things, another good option is to perform a double-dog penetrating movement back-to-back (or "butt butt" as it is sometimes more colloquially called).

  Keep in mind, however, that the back-to-back position tends to work best when both parties are inserted through the anus, although using a sufficiently long or flexible dildo may result in a mixed insertion of the anus and vagina. This position allows you to experience deep penetration when moving and pushing against each other.

  If you want to look directly at your partner or talk to them more easily while playing with a two-person dog, you can set up mirrors on both sides of the bed (or the floor, or the bathtub, or you happen to be in any part of the house) when you use it), When your partner reaches the level of ecstasy, you can observe their face.

  Be sure to try to shake, don't always limit yourself to double penetration.

  You and your partner can enjoy a double-headed dildo together in the bedroom in many ways. For example, one of you can be penetrated by one head while the other performs simulated oral sex on the other.

  A man can pierce his partner with his penis, while the dildo is pushed into another hole, and the free head is used to pierce his butt or stimulate other body "hot spots". If the double-headed dildo is a flexible breed, when her partner teases her breasts, clitoris or other sensitive areas, a woman can insert both of her holes at the same time.

  At first glance, double-headed dildos may look a little scary, but we guarantee that they really are not. If you like to insert and like to use dildo, you can try to use it with your partner or yourself. So, which is the best choice? It all boils down to your budget and personal preferences.

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